Journal Locator

1. To find a journal, enter the ISSN or the journal name. If you have both the journal name and ISSN, use the ISSN.

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2. If you're looking for a specific article, complete the request by entering as much as you know of the following:


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Search Tips

  • Note that "&" and "and" are not the same; if one doesn't find the journal, try the other.
  • If working with foreign language titles, it may be necessary to remove the diacritics (accented characters).
  • Abbreviated journal titles may not find the correct journal. If you have only an abbreviation, fill in the ISSN.
  • Searching with the ISSN can yield more precise results than searching with the journal title.
  • Try entering less information about your article. If one piece of information is wrong, it could be causing the problem.