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General Information

What are the Russell Library’s hours of operation?
The Russell Library is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
It is closed on holidays observed by the University of Georgia.

What is the Russell Library?
The Richard B. Russell Library is a political archives and center for the research and study of politics and public policy with an emphasis on the role of Georgia and the U.S. Congress. It currently maintains over 150 collections and is one of three special collections at the University of Georgia dedicated to preserving and providing access to a variety of archival materials in all formats that document a wide array of subject matter. There are two other special collections departments in the Libraries, The Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library and the Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection. The Russell Library is not the official name of the Main Library of which it is a part. The official name of the Main Library is Ilah Dunlap Little Library.

Where is the Russell Library located?
The Russell Library is located in the Special Collections Building located at 300 South Hull St. on the western edge of the University of Georgia Campus in Athens, Georgia.

I need to use a wheelchair. Is the Russell Library accessible to me?
The Russell Library, located in the Special Collections Library is wheelchair accessible.

Are you affiliated with the Richard B. Russell Agricultural Research Center?
The Russell Library is affiliated with the University of Georgia, not the Richard B. Russell Agricultural Research Center. The research center is a part of the United States Department of Agriculture. Their telephone number is 706-546-3576.

Do I have to be a University of Georgia student or faculty member to use the Russell Library?
The Russell Library is open to anyone wishing to do research who completes the Russell Library's registration forms, provides appropriate identification, and follows its policies and procedures. To view gallery exhibits or to attend Russell Library programs, visitors do not need to submit registration forms or show identification.

How do I locate a copy of a specific form, policy statement, or application
that I need?

A link to all online Russell forms is available in the Research menu and here.

Where can I park?
Visitors to the University of Georgia Special Collections Building are invited to park in the Tate Center Parking Deck located on Lumpkin Street , one block south of the intersection of Baxter Street and Lumpkin St. This deck is approximately 4 blocks from the Special Collections Building. Visit to view this parking deck on a map.

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Offsite Research

Will Russell Library staff do research for me?
Due to staff constraints, the staff of the Russell Library is unable to perform in-depth research for offsite researchers. Staff provide a list of proxy researchers located here in Athens who are willing to research for a fee but we do not endorse any researchers.

How do I submit a reference question?
Reference questions are welcome by email, or
telephone, 706-542-5788.

Does the Russell Library loan materials?
The Russell Library loans transcripts to oral histories in its collections. Researchers may obtain these transcripts by filling out a research application and faxing to the attention of the Russell Library at 706-542-4144. After we have received your application, you can request specific transcripts by giving the name of the Oral History collection, the name of the interviewee, and (if applicable) the letter/number identifier. Within the Richard B. Russell Oral History Collection, different interviewers conducted oral histories with some of the same people. Please designate which interview by giving both the interviewer and interviewee’s name.

Example: Dean Rusk Oral History Collection, George Ball, OH RUSK WWW

Richard Russell Oral History Collection, William Stueck (interviewer), Modine Thomas (interviewee)

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Onsite Research

Do I have to make an appointment to visit the Russell Library?
While an appointment is not necessary to visit the Russell Library, library staff encourage researchers to inform them of their anticipated visit and research interests. Researchers traveling long distances may want to call ahead if they have specific questions regarding the collections or if they would like general information about the University of Georgia campus or Athens. Researchers are also welcome to print and fill out the research application to mail or bring with them before coming to do research.

What kind of things may I bring with me into the Russell Library
research room?

Researchers may bring paper, pencils, and laptop computer in the research room. Pencils and paper are provided for use. Pens, cameras and scanners are prohibited. All materials taken into the research room are subject to inspection upon leaving. Researchers may bring cell phones and listening devices (iPods, MP3 players, etc…) in the research room provided that they do no disturb other researchers.

What if I'm not finished with my research at the end of the day?
If you are not finished with research by the time the Russell Library closes for the day, please alert the staff member on duty. If you plan to return within one week, staff will not re-shelve the material. The Russell Library maintains a file of all requests so in the event that staff re-files material it will be easy to retrieve it.

The book I want is checked out from the Main Library but GIL says that a copy of it is located in the Russell Library. Can I check it out?
Russell Library books do not circulate and therefore may not be checked out. Persons may consult a book in the Russell collection by signing in to access the reading room and requesting the book. The Russell Library reading room is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There are things in the Russell Library I want to consult, but I simply can not come in during the hours you're open. What do I do?
Russell Library staff makes every effort to accommodate the research needs of researchers. Please contact Jill Severn at to discuss your schedule.

May I use a personal camera or scanner in Russell Library research room?
Personal cameras and scanners are prohibited in the Russell Library research room.

Are there computers, scanners, copiers and printers available for public use?
A computer located in the research room is available for use by researchers while printers and copiers are for staff use only. The Main Library and Miller Learning Center have computers, printers, and copiers for public use.

May I eat or drink in the Russell Library?
Food and drink are prohibited in the exhibit galleries and reading/research rooms.

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Reproduction, Photocopying, and Publishing

Will you provide photocopies of particular items? What do photocopies cost? How long do I have to wait for them?
The Russell Library provides copies to onsite researchers after they have properly identified the items they wish to have copied according to the library’s policies. Photocopies are 25¢. If staff cannot complete photocopy requests within the time specified by the researcher, staff will mail copies to Researcher and may assess a postage and handling fee for doing so.

The Russell Library has some old photographs I would like to see.
How do I arrange to view them?

To access any materials the in the Russell Library, one must complete a research application. Registered researchers must fill out a pull slip for the desired photograph and wear cotton gloves provided.

May I get a copy of a photograph? How much does it cost?
How long does it take?

Russell staff will copy or scan photographs for a fee if they can do so without injury to the material, without violating copyright restrictions, and without violating donor agreements. If offsite, please request a photographic or digital copy of Russell materials by contacting staff at If onsite, please request a photographic or digital copy of Russell materials by speaking to the archivist on duty in the Russell Research Room. It is important to remember that permission to copy is not permission to publish.

May I use photographs from the
Russell Library in my project or for publication?

The researcher is solely responsible for the use made of any material secured from the University and any infringement of copyright. For publications of any materials from Russell Library collections, the researcher must obtain permissions from the holder of the physical property and from the holder of copyright.

Why do you charge a commercial use fee for your images when you are not the copyright holder?
The fees charged to provide for preservation maintenance of the items being reproduced for publication use and are scheduled according to the intended use and anticipated project.

Do you have any restrictions on the amount of material I may request copied?
Entire manuscripts, publications, oral histories will not be and audiovisual materials in any format will not be copied.

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Instructional Classes, Tours, and Internships

May I schedule a class in the Russell Library?
The Russell Library maintains an active instructional program and archivists will be happy to arrange archives instruction classes. For more information on instruction provided by the Russell Library staff and the auditorium, please consult the Classroom Instruction page.

Does the Russell Library have an internship program?
The Russell Library periodically hosts internships. Please contact to inquire.

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How do I cite material used in the Richard Russell Library?
The Russell Library provides specific citations for material used during research. Guidelines for citing Russell Library materials including oral histories, audiovisual materials, and photographs are available as a pdf in the forms and fees page. The preferred citation for each collection is also listed in the finding aid for the collection.

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Donating and Valuing

I'm interested in donating materials to the Russell Library.
Whom should I contact?

The Russell Library welcomes donations relating to Georgia’s modern political history and public policy documentation that complement its collection development policy. For more information regarding donations, please call Sheryl Vogt at 706-542-5788.

I have an old book (or baseball card, manuscript, painting, cartoon, antique object, miniature book, etc.). Will you tell me how much it is worth?
Russell Library staff are prohibited from appraising items donated to the Russell Library. Qualified appraisers can be found by checking the telephone directory or the internet at the American Society of Appraisers website.

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