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Supported Activities
-Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
-Russell Chair in American History
-Russell All-State Debate Championship
-Leadership UGA Program
-Russell Teaching Awards
-UGA Debate Union
-Blue Key Scholarship Fund
-Richard B. Russell Professorship
-Gordon College Scholarships
-Richard B. Russell Symposium



Colleagues, friends and admirers of Senator Russell in Georgia established the Richard B. Russell Foundation, Inc., a non profit corporation, to perpetuate the Senator's memory, preserve his records and support activities that exemplify his ideals.

Activities Supported by the Russell Foundation

The Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
A major activity of the Russell Foundation is its support of the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies on the campus of the University of Georgia at Athens. Established in 1974 as part of the University of Georgia Libraries, the Russell Library houses the papers of the Senator as the cornerstone collection as well as over 150 collections documenting the full spectrum of politics and policymaking centered in modern Georgia.

The Russell Chair in American History
The Russell Foundation has endowed the Richard B. Russell Chair in American History at the University of Georgia since 1976. The chair has been held by distinguished historians of national recognition, who have received widespread praise for their teaching, research, and writing. The first Russell Professor, Dr. Gilbert Fite, wrote the definitive biography on Senator Russell's life, Richard B. Russell, Jr., Senator from Georgia (University of North Carolina Press, 1991). In 1994, the Russell biography received the D.B. Hardman prize for the best book on the U.S. Congress. Other professors to hold this chair include Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Dr. William McFeely, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Dr. Edward Larson.

The Russell All-State Debate Championship
The Russell Foundation, along with University of West Georgia and the Georgia High School Association, sponsors the Richard B. Russell Georgia All-State Debate Tournament which annually recognizes the outstanding high school debate team and debaters in Georgia. The winners of the Russell tournament have received national recognition including being crowned as the National High School Debate Champions.

Leadership UGA Program
Since 1985, the Russell Foundation has helped to underwrite the Leadership UGA Program at the University of Georgia. The program annually selects approximately 25 outstanding student leaders to participate in a year long intensive leadership training program which includes seminars on a wide variety of public policy issues. The Russell Foundation Trustees participate in some of the Leadership sessions.

The Russell Teaching Awards
To encourage excellence in undergraduate instruction, the Russell Foundation, since 1992, has annually recognized three outstanding undergraduate teachers at the University of Georgia by awarding them the Richard B. Russell Teaching Award. The award carries a $4,000 cash prize as well as a plaque. The competition for the Russell Teaching Awards has become particularly intense and they are among the most prestigious teaching awards presented to the faculty at the University of Georgia.

University of Georgia Debate Union
The Georgia Debate Union, through the generous support of the Richard B. Russell Foundation, annually awards four scholarships to successful Georgia high school debaters. The Georgia Debate Union is recognized as one of the finest intercollegiate debate programs in the United States.

Blue Key Scholarship Fund
At the Blue Key Alumni Awards banquet held each fall, one Blue Key student with outstanding leadership qualities will be presented with the Richard B. Russell Student Leadership Award.

Richard B. Russell Professorship
In 1997, the University of Georgia agreed to maintain the Richard B. Russell Chair in American History into perpetuity. As part of that agreement, the Richard B. Russell Foundation funded the establishment of the Richard B. Russell Professorship. Dr. John C. Bergstrom was named the first Richard B. Russell Distinguished Professor of Public Policy.

Gordon College Scholarships
The Russell Foundation annually awards two scholarships to students of Gordon College in Barnesville, Georgia. One of the scholarships is names for Richard B. Russell and one for his brother, Judge Robert L. Russell.

The Richard B. Russell Symposium
Commencing in 1993, the Russell Foundation began sponsoring the Russell Symposium through the University of Georgia's Center for International Trade and Security, School of Public and International Affairs. Named for the late Senator Richard B. Russell, who chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee for sixteen years, the symposiums are a discussion of public policy in which Senator Russell had particular interest. All of the Russell Symposium proceedings have been televised, published, and distributed widely in government and academic circles. Both published and filmed proceedings are available for research at the Russell Library.


2006: "Nuclear Energy Renaissance: Implications for National Security"

Sam Nunn, former U.S. Senator, Keynote Address
General Eugene Habiger, the former commander of the U.S. Strategic Command
J. Barnie Beasley, CEO of Southern Nuclear Operating Company
Admiral Frank Bowman, CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute
Joseph Cirincione, Senior Vice President for National Security and International Policy at the Center for American Progress

2003: "The Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Threat to the
American Homeland"

Saxby Chambliss, U.S. Senator, Keynote Address
Sam Nunn, former U.S. Senator
Asa Hutchinson, former Congressman and Undersecretary
of the Department of Homeland Security
Paul McHale, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense
Dr. Ruth David, President and CEO of the ANSER Institute for Homeland Security
Joseph Henderson, CDC Associate Director for Terrorism and Response
Stephen Flynn, Jeane Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow from the Council on Foreign Relations

2001: "United States , NATO, and European Security in the 21st Century"

John R. Galvin, Former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe General Keynote Address
Stephen M. Walt, Belfer Professor of International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Moderator
Sam Nunn, former U.S. Senator
Kostyantyn Gryshchenko, Ambassador of the Republic of Ukraine to the U.S.
Geza Jeszensky, Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary to the U.S.
Sven Jurgenson, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to the U.S.
Peter Gooderham, Counselor at the British Embassy in Washington
Michal Wyganowski, Counselor at the Polish Embassy in Washington

1999: "National Security in the 21st Century"

Paul Coverdell, U.S. Senator
Jessica T. Matthews, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Dr. James Schlesinger, Former Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Energy, Director of Central Intelligence
Daniel Schorr, Senior News Analyst, National Public Radio

1997: "U.S. Policy Toward China"

Richard Solomon, President of the U.S. Institute of Peace, Moderator
Sam Nunn, former U.S. Senator
Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator
William Perry, former Secretary of Defense
General Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor

1995: "Security Challenges in the Post-Cold War World"

Judy Woodruff, CNN Prime Anchor and Senior Correspondent, Moderator
Senator Sam Nunn, ranking Democrat, Senate Armed Services Committee
Dr. Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, former Ambassador to the United Nations
Dr. Robert M. Gates, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

1993: " U.S. Security interests in the 1990s"

Senator Sam Nunn, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee
Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense
Admiral Stansfield Turner, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

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