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A series of statewide community forums, Fall 2008

This fall, as part of a national initiative developed by the National Issues Forums to encourage civic engagement with the critical issues facing the U.S., the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, the UGA Honors Program, the Estus Smith Vineyard Healing Foundation (ESVHF) Center for Public Deliberation, Albany State University, and community leaders in Tifton, Georgia have all committed to hosting a series of community forums around the state to give citizens a chance to consider some of the most critical policy decisions facing Americans today and the implications of these decisions for tomorrow.

These forums will use the National Issues Forums (NIF) guides ( to consider issues and will provide a civil and deliberative environment in which people from across the political, social, and economic spectrum can come together, listen to one another, share perspectives, and make informed judgments on the critical issues of the day.

Forums will take place in Athens, Atlanta, and Tifton/Albany beginning in mid September and continuing through October. Organizers will announce specific dates and locations shortly.

Getting a Handle on Health Care Video Screening
May 10, 2008
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

On Saturday, May 10, 10-noon, the National Issues Forums (NIF) will introduce the new issue guide, Health Care in America: How Can We Make it More Affordable? at the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in Atlanta, GA with a screening of a new video of a summit on the critical issues of healthcare led by Frank Sesno. This summit took place at the George Washington University Media Center in early March, 2008.

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