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The Russell Library creates public programming that brings together its rich historical collections, with history makers, scholars, and community participants in diverse and engaging ways. Offering 15-20 programs annually, Russell Library hosts several ongoing program series as well as special lectures, film series, tours, and symposia, often related to its current exhibits.

Russell Forum for Civic Life in Georgia (RFCLG)
At the center of Russell Library programming, the (RFCLG), is a civic engagement program that provides training, community deliberative forums on public policy issues, and collaboration with interested partners.

Public Oral History Series
The Russell Library public oral history series provides the public an opportunity to attend oral history interviews where experts and scholars interview eyewitnesses about their experiences, memories, and observations of key moments in history.

Russell Political Salon
Echoing the famous intellectual salons of seventeenth and eighteenth century France, the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies Salon is a periodic gathering of community members and the foremost leaders drawn from politics, policymaking, government, law, business, education, and the media. It is designed for leaders to share knowledge through a stimulating exchange of ideas. Topics discussed generally embrace Georgia's modern political landscape where public interest intersects with government at all levels, and current issues are examined in light of their historical context. The program encompasses a broad array of formats, including panel discussions, lectures, film screenings, debates, workshops, and symposia. The guiding principle of the Russell Salon is to provide a setting for inspired collaboration that generates new ideas, offers creative solutions to issues, and honors the value of public discourse and informed citizenship.