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Reflections on Georgia Politics began in the fall of 2006 at Young Harris College, as a lecture and discussion program hosted by Georgia political veteran Bob Short. In late 2007, the Richard B. Russell Library began producing the program as an oral history video series to further illuminate and personalize the tectonic shifts that occurred in Georgia politics in the late twentieth century: desegregation and the Civil Rights Movement, the impact of Baker v. Carr, and Georgia’s evolution as a two-party state. Former governors, constitutional officers, congressmen and senators, state legislators, political organizers, and journalists have strengthened the broad net cast by Reflections on Georgia Politics. At over 160 video recorded interviews, Reflections on Georgia Politics represents a tremendous historical resource. The Russell Library serves as the repository for the series, making decades of political history, strategy, and stories of back-room-politics accessible to the public.

Oral history at the Russell Library has grown dramatically over the last several years. As history in the first person, full of tone and expression, oral history interviews capture wonderfully rich, diverse, and unique voices. Working together on the Reflections on Georgia Politics series, Bob Short, the Russell Library oral history staff and Young Harris College have created valuable research and educational resources and hope to continue their efforts.

Reflections on Georgia Politics is a collaborative project of the Richard B. Russell Library at the University of Georgia and Young Harris College.

All rights reserved. Resources may be used under the guidelines described by the U.S. Copyright Office in Section 107, Title 17, United States Code (Fair use). Parties interested in production or commercial use of the resources should contact the Russell Library for a fee schedule. 706-542-5782, or by email at

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Reflections Interview Sampler:


Anthony, Glenn
Ashe, Kathy
Baker, Thurbert
Banks, Peter
Barnard, Doug
Barnes, Marie
Barnes, Roy
Baxter, Tom
Beazley, Mary
Bell, Griffin
Benfield, Stephanie
Berry, George (1)
Berry, George (2)
Berry, George (3)
Blackburn, Ben
Blackmon, John
Bolden, Willie
Bowers, Mike
Brooks, Tyrone
Buck, Tom
Busbee, George
Campbell, Charles
Carmichael, Jimmy (1)
Carmichael, Jimmy (2)
Carter, Chip
Chambliss, Saxby
Clarke, Harold
Clay, Chuck (1)
Clay, Chuck (2)
Cleland, Max
Cohn, Bob
Coleman, Terry
Colwell, Carlton (1)
Colwell, Carlton (2)
Colwell, Carlton (3)
Cowan, Joel
Cox, Cathy
Darden, George
Deal, Nathan
Ebersole, Dan

Dixon, Harry
Etheridge, Jack
Foster, John C.
Fowler, Wyche
Fullerton, Marti
Galambos, Eva
Gambrell, David
Garner, Wayne
Gillis, Hugh
Gillis, Jim L., Jr.
Griffin, Marvin
Griffin, Sam
Grimes, Millard
Guthman, Richard
Handel, Karen
Hardman, Bill
Harris, Joe Frank
Harris, Reid
Holmes, Bob
Holmes, Eric
Hooks, George
Houck, Tom
Howard, Pierre
Huckaby, Hank
Irvin, Tommy
Isakson, Johnny
Jackson, Carol
Jenkins, Ed (1)
Jenkins, Ed (2)
Johnson, Don
Johnson, Ed
Johnson, Leroy
Jones, Milton
Jordan, Bill
Kahn, Bobby
Kidd, Jane (1)
Kidd, Jane (2)
King, Lonnie
Lance, Bert
Lee, Bill
Leonard, Earl

Levitas, Elliott
Lewis, Helen
Lewis, John
Lovett, Billy
Mabry, Herb
Maddox, Lester
Martin, Jim
Mason, Keith
Massell, Sam
Massey, Abit
Massey, Lewis
Mathis, Dawson
Mattingly, Mack
McBee, Louise
McDonald, Bubba (1)
McDonald, Bubba (2)
McDonald, Laughlin
Miller, Shirley
Miller, Zell
Minter, Jim
Mitchell, Erwin
Mixon, Eunice
Moore, Powell
Moore, Ray
Morris, Aubrey
Murphy, Harold
Murphy, Reg
Murphy, Tom
Oliver, Mary Margaret
Orrock, Nan
Paul, Rusty
Paulk, Jimmy
Pettys, Dick
Porter, DuBose
Poston, McCracken
Poythress, David
Reed, Ralph
Rowland, J. Roy
Rowan, Bobby
Russell, Bruce
Russell, Richard B., Jr.

Sanders, Betty
Sanders, Carl (1)
Sanders, Carl (2)
Schaefer, Nancy
Shaw, Bob
Shipp, Bill(1)
Shipp, Bill (2)
Short, Bob (1)
Short, Bob (2)
Short, Bob (3)
Short, Bob (4)
Short, Bob (5)
Smith, George T.
Spinks, Ford
Steinberg, Cathey
Stephens, Bill
Stuckey, Bill
Summers, Mary Anne
Talmadge, Herman (1)
Talmadge, Herman (2)
Tanenblatt, Eric
Teper, Doug
Thomas, Lindsay
Thompson, Fletcher
Thurmond, Michael
Towery, Matt
Tysinger, James
Underwood, Norman (1)
Underwood, Norman (2)
Vandiver, Betty (1)
Vandiver, Betty (2)
Vandiver, Betty (3)
Vandiver, Ernest
Wade, T. Rogers
Walker, Larry
Wheeler, Pete
Wright, Cynthia
Wrigley, Steve
Yarbrough, Dick
Young, Ned

* Italics indicate that the person is the subject of an interview, not an interviewee.