University of Georgia Libraries, Special Collections  


The Russell Library welcomes classes from all academic areas for an introduction to the library's collections as well as an orientation to doing archival research. Class instruction sessions share strategies for locating and using primary materials for research. Archivists customize these sessions according to the needs and interests of the class level and topic and complement instruction provided by the instructor.

Typical classes include:

  • General orientation to archival procedures and policies
  • General orientation to using primary sources in research
  • Step-by-step guide to using archival finding aids or guides
  • Overview of online and print resources for locating archival materials
  • Specific review of Russell Library policies and services
  • Highlights from the collection based on topic of class
  • A printed handout with contacts, resources,
    and relevant collection information

To arrange a class session in the Russell Library submit the archival class instruction form or contact Jill Severn at 706-542-5766, or Kaylynn Washnock at 706-542-5788, Please allow at least 10 days notice to avoid scheduling conflicts.