Our galleries are open to everyone Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM and Saturday from 1PM to 5PM (excluding Saturdays during UGA home football games). You do not need to be on a scheduled tour to visit, and are welcome to explore the galleries on your own.

Pursuant to the USG policy, all visitors will be required to wear masks during their visit to the building. If anyone arrives without a mask, we will gladly provide one.

We offer free group tours upon request. For the Fall 2020 semester, the following group tour options will be available (see below). Please fill out a tour request form or call 706-583-0213 at least two weeks in advance to schedule your group visit. A member of our staff will be in touch within two business days of your request.

If you have additional questions about your visit, please contact Kaitlin Dotson at

Group Tour Options, Fall 2020*

Option 1: Small Group Tour (5 people or less) 

For groups of 5 people or less, tour staff will lead in-person walking tours through the galleries. This tour will take 45 minutes to 1 hour, and will begin in the second floor rotunda. Pre-defined tour stops will ensure visitors can maintain suggested social distancing guidelines during the visit; face masks will be available to visitors who request them.

Option 2: Medium Group Tour (30 people or less) 

For groups of 30 people or less, tour staff will welcome visitors inside one of our second floor event spaces at tables and chairs that maintain suggested social distancing guidelines. Tour staff will provide an in-person welcome and overview, and then divide the group into smaller groups that can rotate through the 3 exhibit galleries. A virtual guide will be provided with additional descriptive text and video tour stops that can be accessed using a personal tablet or cell phone.

Option 3: Large Group Tour (More than 30 people) 

For groups of more than 30 people, tour staff will provide a virtual guide with additional descriptive text and video tour stops that can be accessed remotely using a personal tablet or cell phone. We encourage visitors to access these resources from the comfort of home, or to utilize them while physically exploring the gallery on their own while maintaining recommended social distancing guidelines.

*Tour offerings are subject to change based on policies of the University of Georgia.

Virtual Tours

During the Fall 2020 semester our tour staff will offer a monthly Zoom program highlighting different exhibits currently on display. These virtual tours will be free and open to the public, and will include a live facilitator inside the gallery paired with a structured presentation of live and pre-recorded content. Check the libraries events calendar for more information on upcoming virtual programs.

Suggestions for Your Individual or Group Visit


We suggest that you budget at least one hour for a self-guided tour of the galleries. UGA Special Collections has three departments, each with its own series of galleries. We want you to fully enjoy the unique items on display.

Dos and Don'ts

Food and drink are not allowed in the galleries. Flash photography is not permitted.

Please arrive on time, or call if there are any changes.

Please arrive promptly to make the most of your visit. Please call 706-583-0213 if there are any changes.

Stay with the group.

We ask that all chaperones and teachers stay with the group and assist the guide with group management and behavior.

Bus Transportation

Groups arriving by bus may be dropped off at the corner of Hull and Waddell Streets. Visitors can then walk to the front of the Special Collections Building.

Click here to see UGA's Parking Services map.

Relax and enjoy!

Feel free to ask questions about the items on exhibit and enjoy the tour!