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The Turnbull Family Home Movie Collection is comprised of 11 16mm color and black and white films taken between 1947 and 1957 by Samuel J. Turnbull. Mr. Turnbull was in the United States Army and took footage of Fort Dix, New Jersey in 1947 as well as Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy (1953), Belgium (1952), England (1952), Scotland (1952), and Japan (1957). Also shot are family vacations in Indiana and at Yellowstone National Park (1957) as well as family Christmas celebrations in 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1953, and 1954.

Reel 1: Fort Dix, New Jersey, 1947. Shot Notes: house, boy with dog, family outdoors, Army-Navy football game, man, white house (exterior), car and dog, woman in front of car, turkeys, group of people outdoors, car, man with camera, Christmas tree, woman, mantle (dark), house (exterior), woman getting into car, driving, man sitting at desk, building (exterior), pre-natal clinic, man and woman outside, woman outside, snow, man with bag, person in snow.

Reel 2: Fort Dix, New Jersey, 1947, Beach, 1953. Shot Notes: woman and baby, people outdoors, radiator cover with child's objects, baby crib, woman bathing baby, beach house, family on beach, baby on beach, people in the water.

Reel 3: Cartoons [we do not transfer commercial films].

Reel 4: Christmas 1948 - 1950. Shot Notes: toddler outdoors, toddler by Christmas tree, toddler opening gifts and playing with toys, adults and children outdoors, child's birthday party, children outdoors, KLM airplane, United States Air Force plane in tarmac, child looking out of window at plane, Christmas tree and dog, child with toys, woman and baby, baby and dog.

Reel 5: Christmas 1950 - 1951. Shot Notes: woman bathing, drying, and dressing children, man packing car trunk, group outdoors, boy fishing, people with picnic basket, women and boy, baby, boy by street, military band (bass drum reads "3/4 Army Band Frankfurt Military Post"), soldiers marching, military vehicles and tanks in street, Christmas tree and gifts, boy and bicycle, girl with book, opening Christmas gifts, family and Christmas tree, girl with doll, boy, title "Christmas 1952", ginger bread house, children opening gifts, boy at door (interior), girl at door (interior), adults opening gifts, table with gifts and food, playing with toys, women opening gift of unusual hat and wearing it, doll crawling on floor, children opening gifts.

Reel 6: Paris - Switzerland. Alternate Title: Paris '50, Switzerland. Shot Notes: Commercial tourist film of landmarks in Paris, including the Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame and the Seine River, and the Eiffel Tower. Man putting items in car, people getting into car, woman and child, bridge, river, city, woman looking at shop window, car and woman by lake and mountains, lake and mountains, mountains and traditional (vernacular) buildings, people by a stream, house, mountains, waterfall, woman walking, women at waterfall, people at overlook, green valley, mountain and house, women and cars, mountains, boy and snow, view of road and snow, cow, cow in traffic, women and boy, livestock, mountains, stream.

Reel 7: Frankfurt. Shot Notes: Ambassador Hotel, cars and monument, building with 'Newmann' on the side, church spire, city view, dilapidated building, men dancing, women with guitar, people dancing, snow, tank in snow, sculpture on buildings, mural of Christ on the cross with 1914-1918 painting on, church city view, monk ringing bell, snowy city view, mountains and snow, map, building ruins in autumn, guide with city behind him, view of city, buildings, clock tower, gardens, sculpture, city view, boat on waterway, shots on deck.

Reel 8: Brussels, Waterloo, England, Scotland - June 1952. Shot Notes: Sign showing Waterloo one way and Brussels the other, Manneken Pis fountain in Brussels, monument on hill, paintings of Waterloo, Big Ben and Parliament, child and Beefeater, crown jewels, boy drinking from fountain, raven, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, memorial to Queen Victoria, park, statue in front of Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Palace, changing of the guard, Trafalgar Square, [Tourist film] Windsor Castle, tower built by Henry II, Hampton Court, Stratford-upon-Avon sign, Shakespeare's birthplace, iron gate, statue of Shakespeare and inscription, Anne Hathaway's cottage, Tudor-style buildings, Welcome to Scotland sign, countryside, sheep, men in kilts, bridge.

Reel 9: Italy 1953. Shot Notes: people at Piazza San Marco in Venice, girl climbing on sculpture, St. Marks church, children with pigeons in Piazza San Marco, large ship in harbor, Doge's palace, gondolier, Coca-Cola boat on Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Bridge of Sighs, gondolier, Academia Bridge, man driving cart with wicker bottles, cathedral in Sienna, sign to Rome, man on donkey, people getting water, fountain, monument to Victor Emmanuel (Rome), Roman Forum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain, road by ruins, stone pavers, women washing clothes in stream, market, men with fishing nets.

Reel 10: Christmas 1953-54. Shot Notes: Christmas decorations, opening gifts, children in snow, Christmas 1954 sign, "We Are Going to Grandma's" sign, toys, children, toy car on map, house decorated for Christmas, house and car in snow, room decorated for Christmas, children in bathtub, Santa Claus, opening gifts, hanging stockings, reading by the fire, leaving milk and cookies for Santa Claus, children praying and going to sleep, calendar on December 25, opening gifts, children playing, opening gifts, preparing the turkey, placing turkey in oven, taking turkey out of the oven, carrying the turkey to the table, kids looking at turkey, turkey carcass on platter, crossing off days on calendar, cuckoo clock at 12:00, child wearing 1955 banner.

Reel 11: NW 1957. Shot Notes: Yellowstone National Park sign, cars at gate, bear looking into car, close-up shot of bear, stream, family by geyser, airplane landing from inside the plane, airport terminal sign Wake Island, decorated street, market, Asian children, shoes lined up beside doorway, group of Asian people, children by waterfall, people wearing red, waterfall, temple, waterfall, woman in a kimono, family in front of waterfall holding leaves, mountains, funicular railway, field, people by a car.


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