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Our Telenews collection contains only those individual stories that came to us as part of the holdings of Georgia television stations WSB-TV and WALB-TV dating from 1960-1962 and many undated stories. We do not hold rights to or copyright information for Telenews. Telenews was a syndicated newsreel service that Hearst used from the late 1940’s to the early 1960s to compete with network TV news operations. Daily, Hearst sent via Railway Express or airmail, the day’s news on little spools of 16mm film, resembling a box of chocolates. Some had sound while others, especially foreign news, were silent. These were sent to subscriber stations. A script was provided for the local station news reader. Hearst also provided a Weekly Telenews summation program, a weekly sports edition and a bi-weekly newsreel for US news theatres. This setup was geared to the era when most TV stations were not connected by wire or other relay systems. As the national connections were built up in the 1950s and the networks built news departments, Telenews became obsolete and faded away, as did the commercial newsreel companies.

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